Academic publications coach at your service

“You could write a paper about that!”

Me, since 2008.

Hi there! I am Kirrilly Thompson and I am here to help you become better at academic writing and publishing. In my career as a research-only academic, I conducted original philosophical, empirical, experimental and mixed-methods research which I published in over 100 peer-review articles, chapters, books and reports across the humanities, social sciences and experimental sciences. I have also published in newspapers, magazines and online media such as The Conversation.

Some of my publications were written out of a sense of obligation to un-tapped data and unheard voices. Others were written because I was passionate and had something to say. Quite a few were publicly available reports that just required the time and effort to be topped and tailed for the peer-review genre. A few were written to salvage work that had been painstakingly invested in grant applications.

Publishing can be joyous and relentless. One paper based on a conference presentation was memorably accepted by the editor overnight. Another based on a satirical role play at the work Christmas party was submitted to eight different journals before it was finally published – four years later and at triple its original word to satisfy the reviewers.

Everything I have published was transformed from something – data, ideas, arguments, reports, fun, frustration, grant applications… All it took was being able to see the opportunity, find the right narrative and pull it off with academic flair. This might sound easy, but the life of a 21st century academic is increasingly less conducive to developing these skills and having the time to put them into action. That’s where an academic publishing coach like myself can help. 

I can provide you with feedback at all stages of your manuscript development or work with you to identify publications that you never even knew you had. My services vary depending on your needs, but include:

  • Brainstorming your next article
  • Identifying publications from your dissertation, report, essay, grant application, note book, ideas, grey matter, doodles on receipts, dreams, etc.
  • Developing and constructing a convincing narrative
  • Determining relevant and irrelevant information
  • Planning a narrative structure
  • Establishing goals and timelines
  • Suggesting journals according to suitability and/or metrics
  • Determining the most suitable format for your publication: peer-review, manuscript, blog, Facebook rant, T-shirt slogan.
  • Keeping you calm, confident, focussed and accountable
  • Developing your authoritative voice
  • Improving your writing style
  • Writing abstracts
  • Suggesting titles
  • Addressing reviewers’ comments for resubmissions
  • Providing detailed feedback on drafts
  • Re-writes (although I am more interested in helping you build capacity)

My level of involvement is up to you and ranges from providing advice to doing the work for you, although the latter will depend on my capacity and require co-authorship and higher rates.

Coaching sessions can be held face-to-face, over the phone or online via zoom.