My portfolio of around 170 publications ranges from peer-review publications, books and conference posters to industry reports and magazine articles. I could slice and dice them many ways from type of publication through to the scientific approach. Some are philosophical think pieces written without any empirical data and published in social sciences and humanities outlets. Others are more experimental and published in psychology, human factors and veterinary journals, based on primary data. Many are mixed-methods papers combining qualitative and qualitative methods/data.

My average cites/paper for 2011-17 is 4.9, compared with the global average of 3.2 for papers in Anthropology (FOR 1601). My h-index is 13 (from 74 documents in Scopus), compared with the average of 8.75 for the 8 full Professors in cultural anthropology from the 3 universities that ranked highest in Anthropology (FOR 1601) for ERA 2015.


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